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<Rincewind|FridayAtLast> Hmm... how does it go in the tournament zkss5?...
<zkss5> Very, very strange.
<zkss5> euni beats TheOrcPeon soundly, but then screws up on the software and accidentally makes it so he takes the loss.
<zkss5> So, I face Peon instead of euni. euni was probably going to beat me, but instead, I go to the next round easily.
<zkss5> There, I face Dc. Well, that was the plan anyway.
<zkss5> Dc manages to piss off Steve, and Steve disqualifies him from the tourney.
<zkss5> So now I move on by default.
<zkss5> And that's why strange.
<MuLepton> well, tt is a strange community
<Rincewind|FridayAtLast> Perhaps we should have a poll on who is the sanest member of TT... the winner gets kicked out from TT...
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